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Vacuum gauge


У 33.2-14307481-031:2005

Object measurement: Liquid, steam, gas

Color of the case: Black

Material of the mechanism: Brass

Unit of measure: kPa

Operating temperature: -40

Operating temperature То: 150

Operating temperature unit: С

Housing material: Steel

Fitting location: Radial

Degree of protection: IP 40

Type of glass: Technical

Diameter of housing: 100

Scale From: -100

Scale To: 0

Accuracy class: 1.5

Thread of the union: M20x1.5

Used to measure vacuum pressure

Calibration interval 2 years

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Standard vacuum meters are used to measure the vacuum pressure of non-aggressive to copper alloys liquid and gaseous, non-viscous and non-crystallizing media with a temperature of up to 150 ° C. The body of vacuum gages in the standard version is made of steel, the mechanism is made of brass alloy. The principle of operation is based on the dependence of the deformation of the sensing element on the measured pressure. A Bourdon tube is used as a sensitive element. Under the influence of the measured pressure, the free end of the tube moves and uses a special mechanism to rotate the gauge needle.