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Household measuring

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We recommend


Hydrometers for oil products

A hydrometer for petroleum products is used to determine the density of oil and petroleum products

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Hydrometer for alcohol

The hydrometer for alcohol is used to measure the volume fraction of ethyl alcohol in aqueous solutions

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Manometer for signaling

Used to measure the excess pressure of various media and control external electrical circuits from a direct signaling device.

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Bottle with screw cap

They are used for storage, weighing and transportation of bulk reactants, nutrient media, preparations.
Are made of thermally stable glass of the TC group. Can be used for autoclaving.

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Flask pear-shaped

They are used for filtration, evaporation, distillation, distillation, distillation and synthesis of chemicals in laboratory conditions

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Our advantages

A lot of years experience and traditions, high qualification of our specialists and the use of quality raw materials, "Steklopribor" is a leader in the market of household thermometers of Ukraine and adequately represents its products in the CIS and Europe.

To our partners we guarantee:

  • high quality of products (Quality management system of the plant "Steklopribor" is certified for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001);
  • product safety (Household products do not contain harmful substances, including mercury.) Capillaries of thermometers are filled with colored alcohol, safe for human health .All products have sanitary and hygienic conclusions.);
  • wide assortment (More than 130 items of products in the household assortment.);
  • competitive prices (We do not seek to reduce prices for products by reducing its quality.) We offer high-quality products at competitive prices.);
  • reliability of deliveries (Work with the main cargo carriers of Ukraine, Russia and the near abroad.);
  • individual approach to each client;;
  • competent staff (our managers will advise you, pick up products that meet all your requirements, help to correct the assortment.);
  • the possibility of ordering branded products (with the logo of your company). When ordering branded products, our designers will develop a free-of-charge mock-up based on the specifics of your company's activities, its image and corporate style.

We offer you cooperation on mutually beneficial terms!

About us

The company specializes in the manufacture of instrumentation devices, laboratory glassware and household thermometers.

The history of the company "Steklopribor" originates in 1959 with the opening of the site on Production of laboratory glassware and glass thermometers "Lokhvitskogo instrument-making plant." As a result of a permanent Development of the plant's production base, high professionalism of engineering staff and active work on new Directions